Adely velour pajamas blue

Art: SLP-Blue-Pajamas-Adely-S

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Composition and care
80% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% elastan lace 100% nylon
Machine wash
Product description
- Light blue color
- V-neckline on the neckline and back
- Relaxed fit trousers, elasticated waist
- Lace-trimmed
- Lace inserts 
The lace-trimmed pajamas are made of thin cotton-based velor fabric. The top is decorated with lace elements along the neckline and repeats the same line along the back and bottom of the top. Lace elements on the bottom of the legs. Handcrafted trim. The color of the lace is the same as the color of the fabric.

Dimensional grids

Internat-l                   Bust                            Waist                             Hips

        XS       31,5-33ʺ/80-84cm         24,4-26ʺ/62-66cm       34,6-36,2ʺ/88-92cm

         S        33-34,6ʺ/84-88cm         26-27,6ʺ/66-70cm      36,2-37,8ʺ/92-96cm

         M      34,6-36,2ʺ/88-92cm       27,6-29ʺ/70-74cm      37,8-39,4ʺ/96-100cm

         L        36,2-38,6ʺ/92-98cm       29-31,5ʺ/74-80cm      39,4-41,7ʺ/100-106cm

         XL      38,6-40,9ʺ/98-104cm    31,5-33,9ʺ/80-86cm    41,7-44ʺ/106-112cm

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